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Best Candlestick Patterns for Price Action Analysis

Candlesticks charts  are a reflection of what buyers and sellers are doing, as it packs data for multiple timeframes into single price bars. The key for a better  Price Action Analysis  with candlesticks  is to "read" them at a glance and the patterns it forms, mainly when price approaches a support/resistance level , doing always in conjunction with volume.  You need to know what price reaction each candlestick pattern is telling you: indecision, rejection, confirmation, or reversal .   In Price Action Analysis, less is more with technical indicators: a few of them are enough. The same idea for candlestick patterns. You can find dozens of candlestick chart patterns, but I feel comfortable with a few of them, the most accurate in my point of view.  No need to memorize others, especially those three-candle patterns and their curious names, just understand the mechanics behind this tool.  Consider that any candlestick has two parts: the body and the wick (or pin): - The siz

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