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Tips for an Option-Based Long-Term Portfolio

Was since 2020 when, in a revolutionary decision, the main US brokers (Ameritrade, Fidelity, Charles Schwab, eTrade) decide to offer  zero-commission in stocks, ETFs, and options trading,  that the stock market's control changed forever: now the  retail traders , decide face to face with institutional and hedge funds, the trend it will take.  Seems unbelievable, but is a fact. One consequence is the unstoppable meme stock phenomenon we have until now, with its exaggerated volume trading and yields, in which buy the dip  is almost a religion for novice traders, and use OTM cheap calls , its bible.  For other retailers like me, that maintain a month-rebalanced long-term portfolio (apart from the usual swing/day trades), it was a great opportunity to start trading options more aggressively , buying ITM options and credit spreads instead of merely stocks, thus creating an options-based portfolio as now commissions are no longer cutting dramatically the profits. Below, I share here s

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Breakout Traders.
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Gold is very attractive again.
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