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Enhance your entries with the Volume Profile

With a stock market like the current one, moving in all-time highs, artificially created and maintained by the Fed, with the latent threat of the second wave of Covid, and the slow economic recovery expected in 2021, some traders (like me), with the intention of having better risk management, are choosing to carry out mainly daily operations (day trades or scalping) or, at the latest, of a few days or weeks (swing trades), trading zone by zone, since they intuit a latent risk in an exaggeratedly overvalued market. And it is known that day trading is a task that requires great precision. In this context, there is a very useful tool that can help us improve our intraday entry and exit levels, based solely on the volume of trades executed: the Volume Profile . It's different from others: a ny standard indicators only show volume at a time, but they will not display any information of volume in a histogram at a specific price, as this technical analysis tool does . Essentially, Volum

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