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Technical Indicators for a Second Confirmation

There are hundreds of technical indicators, many reliables, others not. There are for the taste of each trader and his trading style. In my case, after having tried many of them during my years of trading, I decide to manage few technical indicators just for "the second confirmation", which means as a  complement  to use in conjunction with the main one, the  Price Action Analysis , only to reinforce any bull or bear signal.  Usually, you only need two, a maximum of three, indicators for each timeframe. It's enough.  Remember, there are just indicators, not a strategy. There's no infallible or magic indicator: all of them give false signals.   Select and use your favorites indicators in multiple timeframes, making the strategic decision on the major and the tactical choices on the minor timeframe. The most popular: MACD and RSI The oscillators MACD and RSI, together with the moving averages, form the standard trifecta of a trader for the technical analysis. Bec

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Breakout Traders.
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