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Enhance your entries with the Volume Profile

With a stock market like the current one, moving in all-time highs, artificially created and maintained by the Fed, with the latent threat of the second wave of Covid, and the slow economic recovery expected in 2021, some traders (like me), with the intention of having better risk management, are choosing to carry out mainly daily operations (day trades or scalping) or, at the latest, of a few days or weeks (swing trades), trading zone by zone, since they intuit a latent risk in an exaggeratedly overvalued market. And it is known that day trading is a task that requires great precision. In this context, there is a very useful tool that can help us improve our intraday entry and exit levels, based solely on the volume of trades executed: the Volume Profile . It's different from others: a ny standard indicators only show volume at a time, but they will not display any information of volume in a histogram at a specific price, as this technical analysis tool does . Essentially, Volum

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Identifying Breakouts and False Breakouts

Breakout Traders.
After years of reviewing investing blogs, and sharing experiences and trading styles in chats with other traders, I'm sure that (one of) the most popular are the "breakout traders". This is a type of trader who uses technical analysis to identify high conviction brea…

Gold and Airlines: attractive ETFs for next weeks

Gold is very attractive again.
Due to its fundamentals, Gold is a great option for the next weeks, given that its inverse counterpart, the dollar, may continue to weaken due to two certain factors: the approval, increasingly close, of the US stimulus bill and the lower trend in inflation. Its risk i…

Nasdaq Ready for the Yearend Reversal

September ends and he does his usual job in the markets: being a bearish month, in this case correcting the excessive rise of the SP500 and Nasdaq, artificially driven by the Fed and the FAMAGs. And October may be a key month for the immediate future on Wall Street. Seasonally, that month is known …

FOMC could drive Markets this week

Highlights that will move the stock markets this week:
- The Fed meets on Wednesday for the final time before the Nov. 3 presidential election with investors hoping to learn more about its decision to tolerate higher inflation. 
The Fed’s decision to tolerate periods of higher inflation effectivel…

Option Strategies for Earnings Season

Buy a stock just before its earnings report is a bet: it can be highly profitable or devastating for your portfolio. You decide the risk you face. I always prefer to wait for the report, to compare their numbers with the estimates in EPS, sales, and guidance, review the conference call for some ad…

Markets remain artificially driven by the Fed

As I explained in previous posts, as many cautious traders, since coronavirus emerges, I am working with day and swing trades only, without even creating the usual long-term portfolio, due to the bizarre behavior of the stock market in this year 2020, artificially pumped by the Fed, with not only …