Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Brexit generates investments opportunities

Brexit: an opportunity

Reviewing the European macro indicators, I see that investing in stocks and English currency can be profitable today, after falling these to a minimum for the Brexit (24.06.16). Is that the recent decline in the i-rate and emission of pounds (QE) by the Bank of England (25.07.16), does not seem to have affected its macro numbers. On my radar, a pair of British ETFs that I am following, both in currency and stocks: FXB and EWU.

That Morning Doji in FXB chart (August 16th) gave the purchase signal. 
However, I prefer to wait for what Yellen says tomorrow.

Markets still ranging

The stock market began Monday with one, little credible, rise, but due to an uncertain market, which does not know where to go, that to a solid foundation. It is already known that when there is a low volume of transactions, the stock market rises, and yesterday on Wall Street it was the lowest volume of the year.

This week, I estimate, will continue that side market, erratic, that we have had since mid-July, until Friday 2th, which will give the monthly data of employment in the US that if it is favorable, will motivate the Federal Reserve to raise rates, even in this month. If this happens, the dollar will be reinforced worldwide (and obviously the American banks: attentive these days to the XLF sector, it is an indicator), and rather the materials and natural resources can continue with their slow downward correction. It comes from July. The inverse relation of the dollar with commodities is known.

The performance today of the nine main sectors in Wall Street. Finance leading.

Here in Peru, as a mineral exporting country, it is favored by an expensive dollar because it will receive payment in that currency, which, when exchanged, translates into greater new soles. Hopefully, that data on Friday and the reaction of the FED, meanwhile, the ideal is to swing trading this days with ETFs that there are no longer corporate earnings.

Ulta $ULTA: bearish technical signs

Today, Tuesday, ULTA continues its fall, this time -3.6%. It was important to see if today it recovered, sign of formation of the double floor. It was not like that, it is still under my observation until it shows technical signs of recovery, which can be immediately, because it is a company with very good fundamentals and reviews.

Apple $AAPL lost its magic?

Apple ... I stopped trading the apple stock a long time ago. I think that with the departure of Jobs, AAPL lost a lot of that magic, that beauty that its only mention had. In the particular case of smartphones, I use Android and I do not see how I can change it, and that is a worldwide trend. I do not think it's the case with Blackberry BB, but those in Cupertino require an urgent change of rudder, something new already ! 

And today they have a European Union claim for $ 14,500 million (!!!) for taxes not collected. It seems exaggerated, but there they go, fighting the issue ... in the end I fear the american taxpayers will be harmed. If I believe the EU should be more cautious, they have already left the United Kingdom recently, they are not going to go now to large corporations to other more favorable tax regimes.