Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sure Rate Hike on Wednesday

It is sure, almost 100%, that this Wednesday will be the first Rate Hike of 2017. The question today is, how much it will be (today it is in the range 0.50-0.75%) and how many more there will be this year (for the moment it was said three until December, I think that if that number is maintained the immediate response of the market would be upwards, four Rate Hikes might make it fall). Yellen has the answer and the markets await your message this Wednesday, exclusive topic of this week, as I comment here on Friday.

On the same day, the figures of the EIA Report on crude oil /CL in the US, the other exclusive issue of the week, will be given, where we will see if rigs and drilling platforms continue to increase, in clear detriment to what was agreed by OPEC. The summary economic events of the week, summarized below, taken from econoday.com.