Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Spirit of this Blog

I just want to remind you what you already know: success in stock trading will depend on how well we interpret the different scenarios that are foreseen for the next days, or weeks, and choose the ideal stocks according to them. The intention and spirit of this blog is to help in that purpose, giving the guidelines. So, if you look for the typical blog, you say 'winner', with predictions based on feelings (in other words, simply gambling) or 'infallible' purchase data based on a single isolated indicator, this blog is definitely NOT your place ...

So, 'Greed and Fear', maintains its usual minimalist structure:
1. Briefly comment on the current news of the company (or commodity or sector), reviewing its environment, using as tool the fundamental and technical analysis, that my years in trading have shown me that NECESSARILY go together for be profitable. 
2. Then present (shaded in yellow) the main idea or suggestion for the case.
3. Finally mentioned or recommend (in red) the stocks (or etf) to be followed, and, if necessary, propose your purchase or have it under observation 'on the radar'.

Investigating more, and eventually doing trades with them is now your responsibility, dear readers.

As a disclaimer: the recommendations of buy or sell aren't a investment advisory, there are just information for you. Greed and Fear is not responsible for the results obtained in your trades.

Finally, you can meet me at Linkedin and follow on Twitter  or  StockTwits  and comment from those pages, much more agile and immediate, requirements that every trader is looking for.

Blogs and sites that offer many winning trades abound. They based on an isolated indicator or in unfounded feelings. I suggest distrust: the market does not work like that.