The Spirit of this Blog

About Me

The renowned trader Alexander Elder wrote that Greed and Fear are the main human feelings that move the markets and so, the stock trading. This blog presents a look at the main events in Wall Street at a glance, through posts, thinkorswim charts and a daily timeline below Latest Tweets. Also I share my favorite stocks through my "Watchlist Update" and useful "Trader Notes", articles with tips for your daily trading. All the material in my blog is original, from my own analysis, perception, and interpretation of the markets.

I'm Luis Huasasquiche Bravo-Mejía "BravoTrader", a civil engineer here in Lima Perú, math and tech lover, minimalist, with studies in Finance, and twelve years trading the markets. My approach would be defined as a trader with a focus on both fundamental and technical analysis, plus an outlook of market sentiment and investors psychology, always with a risk management emphasis. 


I am not here to sell you trading courses, get likes, or presume to be an infallible trader. I love stock trading. I do this for passion. And I want to use this blog as my logbook to share the experiences that I learn, and I'm still learning. That's the intention, or spirit of this blog. If this helps you, nice. So, if you are looking for the typical stock trading blog with predictions based on feelings (in other words, simply gambling), or 'infallible' purchase data based on a single isolated indicator with no fundamental analysis, or a blog with a lot of different penny stocks each day, this blog is definitely NOT your place.


You can meet me or follow on Twitter or StockTwits and comment from those pages, much more agile and immediate than this blog. There I will post the main daily events, my technical charts, retweet good articles and cool information of all that happen in Wall Street sessions.

Finally, I just want to remind you what you already know: success in stock trading will depend on how well we interpret the different scenarios that are foreseen for the next days, or weeks, and choose the ideal stocks or ETFs according to them. Investigating more, and eventually doing trades is your responsibility, dear readers.

Enjoy the blog!

September 2018