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Tilray $TLRY and the Risk of the Penny and Cannabis Stocks

Why I don't trade penny stocks.
In my watchlist, I only include Big-Mid-Small Caps companies, only those with MarketCap >500M. Must also have a good daily volume of transactions, medium-high volatility (30-80%), with an accessible float (i.e shares in the hands of the public > 200M share…

Stocks to Watch: Natural Beverage $FIZZ, Advanced Micro Devices $AMD

1. Natural Beverage Corp. FIZZ, $116.92.

About 4 or 5 years ago there was a fever due to the stocks of beverages. Stories of companies that started small and were evolving due to the quality of their products became viral, as was the popular Green Mountain Coffee Rooster (now disappear…

Analysis of Emerging Markets: in the beginning of a crisis?

Are we already in a crisis of emerging markets? The slow but sure rise in the dollar plays a decisive role in this idea. Being reinforced in recent months has been generating various collateral effects in emerging countries. Let's see it in parts.

As a preamble, this graph shows us a compariso…