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Alexander Elder reviews the current Market

By kind permission of, the website of the recognized trader, Alexander Elder, I reproduce for you, literally, its article "Books and Trades #252: Current market, Thanksgiving Special" of November 21st, about the actual behavior of the market and his outlook for the next months.


Market Pulse, Sectors, AAPL, and NVDA

Market Pulse.
The stock market is threatening to finally enter a bearish stage, judging by the movement of SPX that, technically, fell again under the SMA200 and struggles to overcome it. We mentioned that its monthly chart closing under the SMA10 was a bad sign, and now the usual Christmas mini-r…

A Second Line of Technical Indicators

Yes ! There are many reliable indicators as MACD and RSI !
The oscillators MACD and RSI, together with the moving averages, form the standard trifecta of a trader for the technical analysis. Because of its popularity, efficiency, and simplicity, everyone, without exception, knows and uses them. So…

Weekly Outlook for the SP500

SP500: Some keys for the week.
In the fundamental aspects, there are important events this week that will determine the path of the SPX, highlighting two: one, the US Midterm elections, which will surely end with the Senate in the hands of the Republicans, and the Congress probably with the Democr…