Technical Notes of my Q2 2019 Stock Watchlist

There is a noticeable bullish sentiment from the market, supported by recent good economic data from China, the still unsecured inversion of the yield curve and the increasingly near possibility (almost confirmed by The Financial Times) of a final trade agreement between the US and China. The only doubt of the investors and traders is known if the market has already discounted this fact in its powerful recovery since January. There are only two possibilities:

a) If so, we have attended these months to a usual "buy the rumor, sell the news", and the rise with the news (the end of the Trade War) will be fleeting.
b) If not, their indices will continue advancing to new maxima, among them the expected SP500 SPX in 3,000.

Q2 2019 Watchlist: Ideas

Some brief technical notes and forecasts of the stocks that make up my watchlist "Main15" for the Q2 quarter. As usual, remember, they are NOT buying suggestions, only my personal ideas.

1. Apple AAPL: undeniably strong after its recent successful event, technically the "golden cross" signal shown on Monday made it exceed the SMA200 average of its daily chart. Now, with all the signals in bull mode, it's heading quietly to its next resistance, the psychological level $200.

2. Cree CREE: yesterday broke the important 2-year uptrend channel in its weekly channel, reaching $61.75 a 5-year maximum. If it does not fall below its now support at $60, its a long, with a tight loss. Follow this stock all 2019.

3. Cognizant CTSH: broke with authority its consolidation phase, overcoming its SMA200 average. Next resistance is the psychological level $75 (coincides with its Fibonacci 61.8% of its fall since August).

4. Facebook FB: ranging between $160-173, much uncertain news has an impact on its rise. His next resistance at $182, the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement of its fall since August.

5. Fiserv FISV: this week left the 2-month consolidation period in the range $82.5-87.5, and yesterday broke level $90 reaching all-time highs. On my watchlist since January, it's shaping up as one of my favorite stocks for 2019.

6. General Electric GE: now consolidating in the range $9.70-10.5, its recovery seems to have lost strength. Clear support in its SMA50, in $10. Probable correction.

7. Las Vegas Sands LVS: all its averages, in daily and weekly charts, are in bull zone, and $68.50 is its next resistance, that's the 61.8% of his Fibonacci of its fall since July. In my radar.

8. Lyft LYFT: meritorious its recent IPO, but... can the valuation of this taxi app can be considered serious? It needs to find its real valuation, which I estimate maybe less than 50% of the current one in the long term, similar to cases like SNAP, APRN or FIT. There are still no options puts available, seems easy money short this.

9. Paypal PYPL: technically is unstoppable. One of the few stocks that did not suffer the market correction at the end of last year. Permanent member of my watchlist, I continue long here.

10. Roku ROKU: after recovering all of its plunge, entered in a range zone for 2 months, between $60-70. Its next resistance to watch is in its all-time high in $77.57. Careful with its huge volatility.

11. Snapchat SNAP: as I remark always, is a stock only for short-term speculation, never for a long investing. Now in a powerful recovery since its confirmed the MACD bull divergence mentioned here. It's approaching its real valuation, I estimate in the range $12-13.

12. Atlassian TEAM: another stock winner, in my watchlist since January. I'm long here since it broke the psychological $100 level. Now is in all-time highs ($114) and could correct soon due to logical exhaustion: $120 seems an interesting level to watch.

13. Twitter TWTR: continues in its range zone between $30-35. In these moments it's in the upper limit, in an important resistance that can overcome soon, sending its price to its next goal: the psychological level $40. In my radar.

14. Ubiquiti UBNT: another of my favorite stocks. It doesn't confirm the MACD bear divergence indicated here (its EMA13 finally never pointed down), so it turned around and kept advancing to all-time highs. Now I'm long, with a tight stop, holding until its earnings report, always a dangerous event due its a very volatile stock.

15. US Steel X: I had the alert for a buy entry in $18, but the stock finally didn't arrive, and has been recovering upwards. Now in $21, the base of the Ichimoku cloud, is its next resistance. Interesting stock if it increases volume because it usually takes off strongly.

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Images were taken on April 3rd, 20:44 EST