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A Decade in Charts

The ten years period, from  2010 to 2019, finished and leave us many transcendental changes in different branches, like the economy, technology, work, home, or retail. Let's review those moments through the way we love: charts.
Many of the charts and texts are taken from Morning Brew's daily newspaper, definitely a great weapon for our Wall Street stock trading. Thanks, Brews!

Three Useful Tips When Trading Stocks

Stock trading, through technical analysis, is an art. There are full of ideas, strategies, and tips for doing it. You need to be alert to all of them and choose the adequate before you trade. Here are some simple, but useful ideas, that can help in your daily work.

1. Fibonacci "Golden Zone"
Traders love Fibonacci retracements. They are easy to learn and draw, and certainly accurate as alert zones.  Obviously, it doesn't work all the time (there's no infallible indicator or strategy), but as many retail/professional traders and big banks use them, its lines become important levels of support/resistance to place or close trades as price reversals can happen there.

But not all Fibonacci levels have the same importance or attention from traders and investors: the area between the 38.2% and 61.8% is called the Golden Zone, since its the most powerful of all.  They are many (payable) strategies on the web, about this zone, all of them based on the same principle: is an ar…