The renowned trader Alexander Elder wrote that Greed and Fear are the main human emotions that move the markets and so, the stock trading.

I love stock trading, so I do this blog for passion. My intention is to use it as my record-keeping and guide for my stock trading work. That's why I share here my Watchlist and "Trader Notes" with the tools I use during my trading. Thus, all the posts, tweets, and thinkorswim charts are from my own analysis, perception, and interpretation of the stock market. If this helps you, nice!

I'm Luis Huasasquiche Bravo-Mejía, a civil engineer here in Lima Perú, math and tech lover, minimalist, with studies in Finance, and twelve years trading the markets. My approach would be defined as a trader who prefers technical and sentimental trading over fundamental analysis. I avoid the excess of news, the trading gurus, the noise, and decide to follow traders with the same philosophy. And I am convinced that Price Action Analysis with strong risk management, on few stocks, is the key to improve my work.

Enjoy the blog!

September 2018