The renowned trader Alexander Elder wrote that Greed and Fear are the two main human emotions that move the markets and so, the stock trading.

Hi, I'm Luis Huasasquiche, a.k.a. BravoTrader, a civil engineer, math/finance lover, and passionate about markets and their dynamics. With 10+ years of studying and trading them, I understood that posting my notes as trading articles, sharing my charts and stock analyzes, tweeting my ideas, as well as interacting with traders from all over the world, keep me in good condition to face my trading work. That's the reason for this blog.

Main world exchanges. Great photo by @markusspiske, from pexels.com

Over the years I keep trying to refine my way of working. And experience taught me that stock trading is pure psychology and emotion control. That means follow strictly my Trading Plan, with my predetermined and proven style, strategy, and tools. And also means to avoid excess useless information, the magic formulas, the stock-pick gurus, in summary: the harmful "noise", the main enemy of a trader. 

Giving priority to technical analysis through the interpretation of price action, and trading with strong discipline and risk management was the way I chose to improve my work. Enjoy the blog!