Stock Watchlist

MAY 2019

- On my Thinkorswim trading platform, I manage several watchlists, differentiating them according to the instruments it contains. There are stocks, futures, ETFs, sectors, and indices.

- My ETFs watchlists (not shown below) usually keep the same symbols in time, diversified by sectors, industries, countries, commodities, both at 1X normal speed and 3X triple speed, combining long and shorts positions.

- My Indicessectors, and futures watchlists (also not shown) are also fixed, covering the main index and commodities in Wall Street and major foreign exchanges, the usual managed by all traders. 

- Those that do change permanently (usually weekly) are the symbols of my stock watchlists, shown below.

- I divided them into two groups for follow-up: a1.Main15, which I follow on a daily basis, and a2.Radar, important stocks to follow due to news topics, popularity, unusual volume in shares or options, or huge changes in price or volatility. Over time, appears there a new stock, disappear other, some ascend to Main15, or vice versa, according to the importance they are acquiring, in my opinion. Keep in mind, there are watchlists (longs and shorts), not "Buy" Lists.

- View the Disclaimer: that a certain stock is in these lists does NOT mean any BUY or SELL recommendation. My suggestions and ideas regarding these stocks, in which I'm longshort or neutral, I do in the blog posts. And daily through Twitter or StockTwits, which are much more friendly and dynamic platforms for a chat and get feedback from traders. 

- So, these are my Stock Watchlists for May 2019. Follow the stocks in real-time through the stock ticker above, powered by Macroaxis, clicking in each symbol for more information.

Images were taken on May 4th, 14:25 EST