Watchlist: November 2018

- On my Thinkorswim trading platform I manage several watchlists, differentiating them according to the instruments it contains. There are stocks, futures, etfs, sectors and indices.
- The etfs watchlists usually keep the same symbols in time, having sectors, countries, commodities, both at 1X normal speed and 3X triple speed.
- Indices, sectors and futures are also fixed, covering the main index and commodities in Wall Street and major foreign exchanges, the usual managed by all traders.
- Those that do vary permanently (usually weekly) are the symbols of the stock watchlists.
- I divided them in two groups for follow-up: Main, which I follow on a daily basis, and Active, importants stocks to follow due to news topics, popularity, unusual volume in shares or options, huge changes in price or volatility. Over time, appears a new, dissapear other, some ascend to Main, or vice versa, according to the importance they are acquiring, in my opinion.
- That a certain stock is in these lists does NOT mean any BUY or SELL recommendation. My suggestions and ideas regarding these stocks, in which I'm long, short or neutral, I do in this blog through the "Watchlist Update" or "Stocks to Watch" posts. And mainly through Twitter or StockTwits, which are much more friendly and dynamic platforms for these cases. I enjoy getting feedback from traders there, or in my GMail. Please feel free to contact me.
- Finally, review my previous post "Spirit of this Blog", a kind of declaration of principles of it.

Watchlist Update:

Images taken in November 3th, 11:48 EST